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Board of Directors

Olle Hulteberg

b. 1962

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.)

Board member since 2021
Chairman of the Board

Main duty:
Inission AB, Board Member and Marketing Manager 2007-

Primary working experience:
In his career as entrepreneur he has several successful start-ups as track record, and he has also held various positions within Ericsson and Tieto. Current positions of trust: Inission AB, Board Member 2007-

Independent of the company

Fredrik Berghel

b. 1967

Education: M.Sc. (Eng.)

Board member since 2021

Main duty:
Inission AB, CEO and President 2017-

Primary working experience:
Inission AB, Managing Director 2007-2017
Incap Oyj, President and CEO 2013-2014
Robust Steel doors, Managing Director 2003-2006
Hydro Alumium, Production manager 2001-2003
Constructor Group AS, Production Director 1999-2001

Current positions of trust:
Inission AB, Chairman of the Board of Directors 2014-

Independent of the Company

Vesa Mäkelä

Experienced professional in B2B business. Vesa has global knowledge and networks from several technology sectors. He is an analytical, systematic person driving results with hands-on leadership, empathy, passion for excellence and customer benefit. One of Vesa’s previous roles was as CEO of Incap Oyj.

Antti Sivula

b. 1961

Education: M.Sc (Eng.)

Board member since 2016

Main duty:
Mekitec Group, CEO since 2015

Primary working experience:
Bluegiga Technologies Oy, CEO 2011-2015
Elektrobit Corporate, Executive Vice President & Senior Vice President , 2007–2011

Current positions of trust:
Monidor Oy, Chairman of the Board 2020-

Independent of the company and major shareholder

Martin Sjöstrand

Martin is an experienced executive having managed large and smaller entities in an international environment. Martin has led several transformation and improvement projects and holds vast experience from M&A’s and post-M&A integration processes. He has a broad international experience from Complex Sales and Account Management as well as from R&D, Portfolio and Executive Management. One of Martin’s previous roles was as CEO for Powerbox group.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors can have three committees that assist in its work; the Audit committee and  the Remuneration committee.  The Board of Directors elects among its members comittee members and Chairman of the committees.  External members can be also members of the Nomination Committee.

The committees’ working orders set out the duties and operating principles for each committee. The committees report their work to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

At the moment the Board has no active committees.

Updated 3.6.2022

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