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Proud to serve medical industry

Carlo RosatiAs the world deals with the ever-increasing impact to human life of the coronavirus, governments all over the world are encouraging manufacturers to join the fight by producing the most urgently needed life-saving medical equipment – ventilators. The challenge is to make enough of these ventilators to keep pace with the increasing demand, before this pandemic reaches its peak.

Enedo is proud to take on this challenge tapping a long history in medical grade power supply design and manufacture, formerly under the brand ROAL and then as Efore, by supplying worldwide medical device manufacturers with our readily available 2xMoPP Medical grade power supplies. The MFA160 and MDP200 are compact, 2 x 4” standard footprint power supplies offering 160 W and 200 W respectively, with 90-264 VAC input voltage, and IEC Class I and Class II protections suitable for urgently needed medical ventilators for hospitals and homecare treatments. With short lead times, these are easily tested and integrated into new production of critically needed medical equipment.

Technical specifications and additional details can be found in the product Downloads section on Enedo’s new website via the following links:

MFA160 Medical Series: 5, 12 & 24 VDC standard output variants available

MDP200 Medical Series: 12, 24 & 48 VDC standard output variants available

Enedo employees in all regions are active and operating from safe home office environments, and the above referenced products are in regular production in our factories in China. This allows us to properly and timely support you during product adoption and mass volume production. Contact us immediately with any questions or inquiries on availability at using “Covid-19 emergency” in the subject line, and we will give your request our maximum priority.

By working together, we can all support, face and hopefully tackle this worldwide Covid-19 healthcare emergency!

Stay safe and stay strong

Carlo Rosati
EVP Italy sales, marketing and production