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OPUS Power Systems Now Compatible with IEC61850 SCADA

Efore Launches New External IEC61850 converter to monitor OPUS Systems via SCADA Network

EFORE OPUS Power Systems can now be connected to SCADA systems via the IEC61850 protocol. The IEC61850 standard enables integration and interoperability of equipment from different manufacturers which, in turn, can reduce the costs of wiring and engineering time, as well as improve system commissioning and maintenance tasks. The IEC61850 communication protocol was designed to fulfill requirements of the automation of substations.

Efore’s new IEC61850 converter has been developed in partnership with WAGO and provides IEC61850 SCADA compatibility via the WAGO controller which is connected to the OPUS system by Modbus. The IEC61850 converter can be installed inside Efore’s racks or cabinets providing full data measurement of system voltage, battery and load currents, alarms and other relevant parameters for battery backup systems. Additionally, an external IEC61850 converter can be connected to already installed OPUS systems and provide SCADA compatibility in existing installations.

More information on Efore’s new IEC61850 converter can be found in the Rectifiers, Converters, Inverters and Controllers section.