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Enedo Launches OPUS Inverter Cabinet Product Line

Enedo is widening the standard power systems offering to AC power systems. OPUS Modular inverter systems are ideal solutions to provide reliable and redundant AC supply for critical loads converted from the station’s main battery bank with long autonomy (no extra battery needed like in UPS systems). Inverter systems can be integrated into DC power systems or provided as a separate cabinet.

OPUS Inverter Systems are robust, free convection cooled DC to AC power conversion solutions supporting all typical battery backup voltages 24VDC – 220VDC. Standard cabinets are designed for max 6kVA/6kW power. Thanks to modular construction systems can be configured according to the needed load profiles. Cabinets include slots for 1-5pcs of 1kVA – 1.2kVA inverter modules, 6kVA static bypass, 6kVA manual bypass and AC load distribution. Systems have the option for double A+B battery DC input. Remote monitoring is managed via relays or the system can be connected to the OPUS VIDI controller and monitored via modern communication protocols such as Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, SCADA IEC61850, SNMP and RS-232.

Main applications are critical infrastructure systems such as transmission and distribution substations, process industries and railway signaling. Robust and reliable fan-free design and modular architecture ensures the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) across the 15-20 year expected life span of backup power systems.

Datasheet – AC Power Systems:

Datasheet – DAC60000 Inverter modules

(Previous Efore EIM Inverter brand will be replaced with Enedo DAC60000 brand)