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Enedo is tackling the challenges of the COVID-19 virus

Enedo preempts the economic impacts of the corona virus (COVID-19) to the company’s operations with limited temporary layoffs and other short-term cost saving activities in all company locations.

Enedo has operations in Finland, Italy, Tunis and US. All of these countries have set some limitations or emergency laws to normal daily activities related to people movement, working in the offices and the way companies are doing business.

Impacts of the emergency laws implemented in Tunis last week to our manufacturing plant there are still partly unclear. We have received the first level approval from the government to continue our operations with a limited number of personnel, but further steps are still needed to re-open the plant.

On 21st March 2020 Italy enacted additional measures to prevent the spreading of corona virus, and those measures have a potential impact to our business, especially via limited production in Tunis and some customers’ business operations being closed. However, our own operations in Italy continue as we are delivering power supplies to some critical health care related companies.

Employee cooperation negotiations held in Finland are targeted to prepare for the uncertainty due to the coronavirus (covid-19). Decisions regarding shortening of work time and other local cost saving activities have now been initiated in both Finland and Italy. Temporary layoffs have been planned so that they do not further impact our delivery capability.

— “Demand for our products has remained good despite the corona virus situation, however there have been rapid changes in the general business environment, especially in Tunis and Italy, that affect our short-term operations”, says CEO Vesa Leino.