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ADC8580 Intelligent charger

ACD8580 Intelligent charger is continuously charging and monitoring the battery health and optimizing its lifetime. State-of-health monitoring is done by continous SLA battery impedance monitoring. RS485 communication for communication to SCADA systems.

Key features

  • 80 W power
  • 24 VDC output voltages
  • Input voltage ranges: 90 – 264 VAC
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Wide output adjustment range
  • Efficiency 82…90%
  • Operating temperature –40 °C…+70 °C
  • EMC EN55022B (telecom)
  • 66 x 148 x 113 [W x H x D mm]


  • Wind power control systems
  • Weather measurement systems in harsh conditions
  • Various industrial DC supplies
  • Power generation auxiliary DC supply
  • Stand-by battery charging solutions
Model number
Input Voltage (VAC)
V1 Out Nom (V)
Output Voltage Range (VDC)
Output Current Max (A)
Power Out Max (W)
Datasheets (PDF)
Datasheet - ADC8520