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BMS9000 Rail Battery Managent System

BCS9000 Battery Management and Power System is a monolithic IP20 enclosed up to 12.8kW modular system with 3 x 400VAC input, which provides power through 110VDC bus output and maintains an 110VDC battery charged through battery Input/Output. In case of loss of AC input, the power to the bus output is provided by the battery.

The battery is decoupled from the 110VDC bus through decoupling diode which prevents excessive charging current in case the bus voltage exceeds the battery voltage.

Key features

  • IP20 modular rack system
  • 400 VAC input models
  • Output models 24, 36, 110 VDC
  • Efficiency up to 95 %
  • Forced cooling with fan
  • MTBF 1 800 000 h
  • Coated PCB for rail and metro applications
  • Large operation temperature range from
    -40 ˚C to +55 ˚C and up tp +70˚C with derating


  • EN50155:2007 Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
  • EN50124-1:2001 Railway applications – insulation coordination
  • EN50153:2014 Railway applications – Rolling stock – Protective provisions relating to electrical hazards
  • EN45545-2:2013: Railway applications – Fire protection on rail vehicles
  • EN61373:2010: Railway applications – Shock and vibration
Model number
Input Voltage (VAC)
Input Voltage (VDC)
V1 Out Nom (V)
Output Voltage Range (VDC)
Output Current Max (A)
Power Out Max (W)
Datasheets (PDF)
Datasheet - ADC9000

Efficient and reliable battery management solutions for rail & transportation

Rail and transportation industry power supplies must comply with strict design requirements and specific design standards. Enedo satisfies these requirements, providing secure and reliable power supplies with outstanding operating lifetimes. We have long experience in developing both standard and custom design power supplies for railway, tram and metro applications. Our solutions serve applications such as:

High efficiency on board battery chargers and auxiliary power supplies
Train communication and monitoring systems
Passenger information systems
On board power distribution
Railway signalling and communication systems
Suitable for a wide range of locomotives
Enedo’s power supply solutions are suitable for electric, diesel, diesel-electric, hybrid, gas turbine and fuel cell-electric locomotives.