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OPUS INV OC2066 Inverter Cabinet Systems

OPUS Inverter Systems are robust, free convection cooled, N+1 redundant DC to AC power conversion solutions for critical infrastructure applications. Inverter systems can be integrated to OPUS Power System and monitored via VIDI controller. Inverter Cabinet systems are configured according to project requirements.

Key features

  • Modular Inverter Cabinet power system 1kVA-16.8kVA
  • N+1 redundancy, on-line / off-line supply modes
  • Static and Manual Bypass variants 6kVA and 30kVA
  • Natural convection cooling or fan versions
  • Full integration to OPUS DC power systems
  • Nominal Input voltages 24VDC, 48-60VDC, 110-125VDC, 220 VDC
  • Bypass mains input & AC output 200-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Configurable load distribution
  • Option 3-phase system cabinets up to 22.5kVA, 3 x 7.5kVA bypass
  • EMC ratings:
    Cabinet: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Inverters: EN 61000-6-1 / -2 / -4
  • Safety ratings:
    Cabinet: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Inverters: EN 62368-1 / EN60950-1


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Transmission substations
  • Distribution substations
  • Railway signaling and substations
  • Process industries
  • Telecommunications
Model number
Power Out Max (kW)
Input Voltage (VAC)
Output Voltage Range (VDC)
Output Current Max (A)

OPUS inverter power systems are an industrial grade solution family that converts battery secured DC power to uninterrupted AC power. All typical battery systems from nominal 24V to 220VDC are supported. With highly efficient, convection-cooled inverters and a highly modular mechanical structure, the OPUS INV Series can be easily configured to meet a multitude of utility, industrial and rail applications.

OPUS INV systems come in an IP20 / IP21 enclosure and consist of the inverters, static and manual bypass,3-phase sync unit (if 3-phase) and MCB protection for the mains and DC inputs. Load connections are configurable.