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UIF2 Touch Service Display

UIF2 Touch Display is optional service display, which can be added to any OPUS system to provide clear service and commissioning interface for the system. UIF2 is connected to VIDI controller via Ethernet port.

UIF2 can be connected directly to OPUS VIDI or it can be connected via Ethernet switch. If connection is over Ethernet swich all OPUS systems in Ethernet network can be monitored and operated by one UIF2 touch display. In this case UIF is central monitoring unit for all OPUS systems in the network.

Key features

  • Universal Service display or all 24 – 220 VDC OPUS Power Systems
  • 7” and 10,1” Touch panel alternatives
  • Capacitive Zoom
  • Touch screen user interface is the same as OPUS Web interface
  • Compatible with industrial environment
  • Wide temp.range -20oC … + 50oC
  • Can be used with gloves in hand
  • Located inside cabinet door in OPUS cabinet system
  • Additional 19” or 23” UIF2 panel for rack systems


  • Utility systems
  • Industrial systems
  • Military systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
Model number
Control & Monitoring
Input Voltage (VDC)
Operating temperature range
IP Rating
UIF2 Touch 7″
Control & Monitoring Touch Screen 7"
Input Voltage (VDC) 19.2VDC-28.8VDC
Operating temperature range -20°C to 50°C,
IP Rating IP66 front, IP20 rear
Cooling Natural convection
Operating Altitude (m)
UIF2 Touch 10.1″
Control & Monitoring Touch Screen 10.1"
Input Voltage (VDC) 19.2VDC-28.8VDC
Operating temperature range -20°C to 50°C
IP Rating IP66 front, IP20 rear
Cooling Natural convection
Operating Altitude (m)

The VIDI2 architecture is based on Power CAN bus communications and a modular design which enables flexibility, easy expandability and additional user selectable features. The addition of the new IEC 61850 converter into new and existing installations enables systems to communicate with other manufacturers’ devices that also support this standard, providing valuable interoperability critical to substation operations. Key functions include Energy Save mode, rectifier runtime counter, alarm configuration, real time clock with battery backup, inventory manaagement and more. The VIDI2 controller can support up to 35 rectifier modules.

The VIDI2 controller family includes the VIDI-LVD, VIDI-BM and VIDI-SAM auxiliary controllers.
Default display is 2,7″ UIF controllable with rotating knob. Additionally there is available service displays 7″ and 10,1″ with touch screen.