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Versatile DDP/MDP1200 FF Series 1.2kW, Multi-purpose AC-DC Power Supplies Now Available Off-the-Shelf

Enedo’s Versatile DDP/MDP1200 FF Series of 1.2kW, Multi-purpose AC-DC Power Supplies is Now Available Off-the-Shelf

Enedo announces its DDP/MDP1200 FF series of enclosed self-cooled, 1.2kW, multi-purpose AC-DC power supplies is now available off-the-shelf.

Its clever design purposefully integrates high performance, versatility, interoperability and regulatory compliance to fulfill evermore demanding worldwide applications.

The built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) supports the PMBus™ open standard power management protocol, which enables diagnostic and maintenance data recording, communications and data logging between power supply and system. This feature also provides interoperability, highly desirable in high end Industrial and Test & Measurement applications.

With a wide operating input voltage range of 85-305 VAC, it is compatible with any worldwide mains voltage, and provides a regulated 24 or 48 VDC single output voltage which can be manually adjusted within ±5% of nominal value via push-button potentiometer or digital signal through PMBus™.

Packaged in a 4.00 x 10.40 x 1.61” enclosed metallic case, with two built in fans, the series can be operated over the full -40 to +70 °C ambient temperatures interval. It delivers 1200W of steady power from 180VAC and above, and 1000W below 180VAC, up to 60°C regardless of orientation, easing integration into power demanding and space constraint systems. The fan rotation speed is digitally controlled to guarantee the minimum required airflow, minimizing audible noise for quiet operation, a critical requirement in clean room and medical applications.

For those applications where higher power, or N+1 redundancy is required, the DDP/MDP1200 FF series built-in OR-ing and accurate active current-sharing features allow parallel operation of up to 4 (four) power units in parallel, capable of 4kW of steady output power up to 60°C ambient temperature.

Other features include Active PFC, low earth/touch leakage current, +12V 0.5A and +5V 1A stand-by outputs, and 5000m altitude operation. Additional protection features include an input double high breaking fuse, input undervoltage, output overvoltage, overcurrent, steady short circuit and thermal protection.

The DDP1200 FF variants are certified to the latest IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 and 62368-1 safety standards for audio/video and information technology applications, as well as UL8750 for LED lighting. Suitable applications include IT / Industrial, Test & Measurement, 3D printing, CAD/CAM milling machines, LASER cutting and engraving machines, Automation & Control systems and LED Lighting applications.

The MDP1200 FF variants are certified to the latest medical safety standards ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, IEC/EN60601-1, C-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60601-1), and complies with IEC60601-1-2 4th edition, a strict requirement of the latest medical standards for electromagnetic immunity.  The MDP1200 FF variants also provide 4,000VAC input to output isolation voltage (2x MoPP), 2,000VAC input to ground (1x MoPP) and 1500VAC output to ground (1x MoPP). Combined with a low touch leakage current makes them suitable for BF rated medical appliances eliminating the need for an additional safety isolation barrier.

The medical grade models are suitable for use in Medical CT Scanners, MRI systems, Patient Monitoring Systems and surgery table / dental units.

Enedo offers a complete portfolio of highly reliable Power Supplies, Power Systems and LED Drivers, providing our customers with a unique opportunity to satisfy all of their power conversion needs from a single source. We provide state of the art technology combining high efficiency and digital communications, standard off-the-shelf and quick-turn configurable solutions, competitive pricing and, most importantly, personal service.