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How to ensure back-up power for critical controls in our infrastructure?

How to ensure back-up power for critical controls in our infrastructure?

Modern society works seamlessly with electricity and we don’t need to worry about it. This is done by computer-based control systems, which makes it more accurate and efficient. For example, metro in Amsterdam will be getting a totally automated train control. This means they can shorten the time period between trains to half, which means doubling the train traffic and people they can move.

Sometimes power outages occur or there are disruptions in electric power transmission. The critical infrastructure of our society of course has to have a plan B at place for these scenarios. We have to be capable of providing electricity in exceptional circumstances and state of emergency. It is important to keep measurements and control on all the time, even when the other systems go down.

Providing back-up power for critical controls is one of the major areas of specialization for Enedo. Many railway tracks signaling are backed up with our power systems. Many electrical sub-stations are getting the back-up power from Opus HE systems.

What to do

Make sure your back-up systems are up and running when you need them. Our design philosophy has been ultimate reliability and there are four cornerstones in that:

    1. Using convection cooling, no fans. This is how you keep the environment dirt and dust not pushed is to your critical controls.
    2. High efficiency. Efficiency brings cost savings, too, but what is even more important, the systems should run in a low temperature. Hot air is aging electronics, make sure the systems runs cool.
    3. Long track-record: We have more than 50 years knowledge and experience. We are a trusted partner for back-up power solutions since 1957 (Muuntolaite Oy)
    4. Maintenance and product support. Especially batteries need a frequent checking that they are OK — do it before they brake, in preventive way.


Next time you think about reliability of your process talk to the back-up power specialist, we are happy to help you.
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Jussi Vanhanen
Vice President, Sales