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EPOS Mini DC Power Systems

EPOS Mini rack power system provides free air convection cooling, N+1 redundancy and is the ideal backup power solution for critical infrastructure applications such as transmission and distribution substations, process industries, railway signaling and substations, and telecommunications.

Configurator of the DC Power System EPOS Mini 48/60-300

Key features

  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Natural convection cooled – fan free
  • Standard output voltages: 48 VDC and 60 VDC
  • Max 2.4 kW output power
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Battery connection: 1 string with full current
  • Options: Battery LVD, temperature sensor, wall mounting
  • EMC ratings: EN 61000-6-1 / -2 / -3 / -4
  • Safety ratings: EN60950-1


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Power transmission substations
  • Power distribution substations
  • Railway signaling and substations
  • Process industries
  • Telecommunications
Model number
Power Out Max (kW)
Input Voltage (VAC)
Output Voltage Range (VDC)
Output Current Max (A)
EPOS Mini 48/60-300.4-RU
Power Out Max (kW) 1200
Input Voltage (VAC) 230 / 400
Output Voltage Range (VDC) 42-59 / 53-72
Output Current Max (A) 25
Cooling Convection
Module Positions
Operating Altitude (m)
Operating temperature range
-5 to 50°C
IP Rating
Control & Monitoring
ESC Controller
IEC/EN 60950-1
EPOS MINI 48/60-300.8-RU
Power Out Max (kW) 2400
Input Voltage (VAC) 230/400
Output Voltage Range (VDC) 42-59 /53-72
Output Current Max (A) 50
Cooling Convection
Module Positions
Operating Altitude (m)
Operating temperature range
-5 to 45°C
IP Rating
Control & Monitoring
ESC Controller

The EPOS Mini is a modular power supply system designed to supply uninterrupted DC power for demanding telecom and industrial applications, providing 300 W to 2400 W at 48 VDC or 60 VDC output.

Depending on selected configuration the system provides space for AC connection,up to four or eight rectifiers, system controller, battery and load distribution. All in one package.

Local system control and battery monitoring is accomplished through the system controller. An optional advanced control package enables remote operation of the system and intelligent battery management with user-friendly PC-based software package.

• Convection cooled
• Available in 48V and 60V
• Max output 300 W to 2400 W
• Wall or 19” rack-mounted
• W: 19” std, H: 4U or 10U, D: 365 mm
• Compact design
• All-inclusive distribution with LVD and
PLD options
• Rectifier: ERM 48/60-300
• Remote control (Ethernet and RS-232)
• Advanced battery management package


  • Supports up to five (5) MHE rectifiers
  • Mechanical housing only – no wiring
  • 19″ 7U Rack-mountable
  • Compatible with OPUS HE 7U systems
OPUS HE Accessories

OPUS Battery Fuse Box
• Wall Mountable Fuse Box for Battery Installations
• Switch Fuse Protection
• Configurable Fuse Link
• Up to 125A

Datasheet – OPUS Battery Fuse Box

OPUS Battery Cabinet For Front Terminal Batteries
• 4 Battery shelves 320 x 530 x 595 mm
• User terminals 35 mm (8 pcs)
• Cable entry from top, neoprene cable glands (optional bottom cable entry)
• Adjustable legs

Datasheet – OPUS Battery Cabinet For Front Terminal Batteries

OPUS IC Battery Cabinets with Switch Fuse Protection
• Battery shelves for up to 4 x 48V/190Ah batteries
• Switch fuse protected battery strings (4 x 125A NH00 – fuse monitoring)
• Cable entry from top
• Ventilation output on the top
• Adjustable legs
• Strong welded structure
• Top lifting eyes

Datasheet – OPUS IC Battery Cabinets with Switch Fuse Protection