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OPUS HE bulk rack is intended for local cabinet system builders. Local builder can use standard building block from Enedo and install it to right type of cabinet with batteries. Bulk rack includes readymade cable connections and parameter settings, which reduces significantly the design and manufacturing costs needed in local system builder side. OPUS HE bulk rack is ideal solution for local partner to increase the flexibility and value provided for local end customers

The new OPUS HE series provides free air convection cooling, N+1 redundancy and is the ideal backup power solution for critical infrastructure applications such as transmission and distribution substations, process industries, railway signaling and substations, and telecommunications.

Key features

  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Natural convection cooled – fan free
  • Standard output voltages: 24, 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 VDC
  • 2-10 kW power (24V 1.5kW-7.5kW), 1-5 rectifiers per rack
  • Master-Slave connection up to 20kW per cabinet or up to 64kW in multi cabinet
  • Air flow plate for optimized cooling
  • Air flow plate guides cooling air to backside of the cabinet and creates chimney effect
  • Rectifier input and output breakers included to the rack
  • Bulk output, battery terminals and battery shunt included
  • EMC ratings:
    Rack: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Rectifiers: EN 61000-6-1 / -2 / -3 / -4 / -5
    EN50121-4 Rail, ETSI EN 300386 (48/60V)
  • Safety ratings:
    Rack: EN61439-1, EN61439-2
    Rectifiers: EN 62368-1, EN 50124-1 rail


  • Critical infrastructure
  • Power transmission substations
  • Power distribution substations
  • Railway signaling and substations
  • Process industries
  • Telecommunications
Model number
Power Out Max (kW)
Input Voltage (VAC)
Output Voltage Range (VDC)
Output Current Max (A)

OPUS HE bulk rack power system consists of Enedo’s MHE rectifiers, VIDI2 controllers, connections for mains and battery connection with shunt resistor  and bulk screw terminal for external load distribution. Rack building block can be used as 19″ 8U rack module or 5U rectifier shelf and 3U control panel can installed to different position in cabinet. The system delivers a maximum 10 kW output power at 48, 60, 110, 125 and 220 VDC, and 7.5 kW at 24 VDC output. The base system supports up to five (5) MHE series high efficiency rectifiers, but may be expanded by using the Slave Rack in a master-slave configuration, increasing the power capability to 64 kW in multi cabinet configuration.

19″ Load Distribution panels

  • Load panels for loacal panel builder
  • 19″ rack and 19″ MCB load distribution panels
  • 10 x 2-pole MCB & FMU load monitoring per panel

Datasheet – 19″ Load Distribution Panels

OPUS Battery Fuse Box
• Wall Mountable Fuse Box for Battery Installations
• Switch Fuse Protection
• Configurable Fuse Link
• Up to 125A

Datasheet – OPUS Battery Fuse Box

OPUS Battery Cabinet For Front Terminal Batteries
• 4 Battery shelves 320 x 530 x 595 mm
• User terminals 35 mm (8 pcs)
• Cable entry from top, neoprene cable glands (optional bottom cable entry)
• Adjustable legs

Datasheet – OPUS Battery Cabinet For Front Terminal Batteries

OPUS IC Battery Cabinets with Switch Fuse Protection
• Battery shelves for up to 4 x 48V/190Ah batteries
• Switch fuse protected battery strings (4 x 125A NH00 – fuse monitoring)
• Cable entry from top
• Ventilation output on the top
• Adjustable legs
• Strong welded structure
• Top lifting eyes

Datasheet – OPUS IC Battery Cabinets with Switch Fuse Protection